…with big players, IBM and HP, and a selection of new contenders led by Resandi Logistic Cloud Service, there is no doubt that…the ‘next generation data centre’ is going to have to support a radically different group of technologies, deployed, and using resources, in a equally radically different way from the client-server, or mainframe applications running today.
          Rudy Alfred Sangian
          12 years in experience logistic,
          customs & port
  • Experience in Container Port of Indonesia: Tj. Priok, Palembang, Pontianak, Panjang - Bandar Lampung
  • Develop prototype of SIMOPEL Batam - Batu Ampar Port in 2004
  • Undertaken Research with Directorate General Custom and Excise Jakarta for National Single Window solution
The name of resandi

Resandi comprise of two word: 're' and 'sandi' (Indonesian means secret code).
In the port and customs, everybody are tend to 'sandi' based on their back-door or un-official deal and etc. Another word, every company has its own 'sandi' in order to coordinate and to communicate the shipment of goods related to Customs Formalities and Port Clearance.

Dealing or face-to-face with Customs Officer and Port Officer are mostly as a combination between Official and un-official depend on the deal agreed. In a certain circumstances of hidden agenda the 'sandi' as it mentioned above is absolutely required to jeoperdize the Customs Formalities and Port Official document clerance.

Resandi means re-assign the 'sandi' in such manner to be transparently caused by ICT Tools usage.
As time goes by, Resandi will effect the atmosphere of logistic word and the interaction between the player and goverment officer and end-up with a conclusion of 'now, is not the time to play game anymore'.

The in resandi is a symbolize of Internet Communication and Information Technology.

Resandi was established in 2000 for Batam Customs and Port research purpose.

Founder of Resandi,

Rudy Alfred Sangian
email: rudysangian@resandi.com